Monthly Archives: May 2011

The Real World Out There

 The story goes that three umpires disagreed about the task of calling balls and strikes. The first one said, “I calls them as they is.” The second one said, “I calls them as I sees them.” The third and cleverest umpire said, “They ain’t nothin’ till I calls them.”  Herbert Simons, “Persuasion in Society” I… Read More »

Pointless But Significant: A Postscript

Given the interesting chat generated by the most recent blog, “Pointless But Significant: The Case for Play,” something by way of a postscript seems in order. My friend Peter Brown makes the point that “everything is about something – maybe mushy, maybe moody, maybe defiantly pointless and irrational – wandering, inventing, discovering. What’s it about?… Read More »